Help your dog face its noise fears and conquer them! Brave Puppy is a new free mobile app to help your dog be BRAVE! And it only takes 2 minutes each day!

Is your dog terrified of noises such as thunder, vacuum cleaners, fireworks, blenders, dogs barking, birds chirping, people clapping or even croaking frogs! Your dog is not alone! So many dogs are scared of lots of different noises which makes them feel terrified, nervous and anxious!

An anxious dog is an unhappy dog!

Noise phobias can lead to a lot of other behavioural issues such as excessive barking, whining, howling, destructive chewing, increased reactivity in reactive dogs, increased separation anxiety and even self mutilation. Some dogs require anti-anxiety medication just to cope with noise phobias they hear every day.

Imagine living your life scared out of your wits every single day! That’s how noise phobic dog live their lives and it’s heartbreaking as they don’t have to live that way.

YOU can help your dog face it’s noise fears and overcome them! How?

Desensitization to noise phobias is a scientifically proven method used by professional dog trainers and dog behaviourists worldwide. But you don’t necessarily need a professional. Desensitization just requires lots of love, a pinch of patience and 2 minutes of your time each day!

So what do you need and how does it work?

Basically all you need is recordings of the ‘scary’ noises and, as you might expect, there’s an app for that!

Brave Puppy is a new mobile app available on Apple, Android and Amazon with 88 high quality noises that dogs tend to react to and costs only USD $1.99. Noises have been carefully selected based on consultations with over 50 professional dog trainers and are of the highest quality. Test it out yourself by downloading the free version Brave Puppy Lite with 25 sounds that dogs commonly react to, such as fireworks and thunder. More information is available from

That’s it! So how does it work?

It’s very simple! Just follow the 4 steps below or if you prefer watch the video at the end instead.

Step 1

The ‘scary’ noise is played at the lowest volume in an environment that your dog feels safe in. Remember your dog’s hearing is much better than a humans so play at the lowest volume.

Step 2

Reassure your dog that it’s OK and give your dog treats and pats to change how your dog FEELS. Your dog needs to learn that good things happen when it hears the ‘scary’ noise so the noise becomes not so scary after all.

Step 3

Once your dog is visibly calm and relaxed with the ‘scary’ noise played at the lowest volume, then increase the volume one notch.

Step 4

Continue following Steps 1-3 until you are blasting that ‘scary’ noise through the Bluetooth speaker and your dog is happy, calm and relaxed.

The steps above are also covered in this short video:

Very important – Keep training sessions short of a maximum 2 minutes every day and be patient and gentle with your dog!

Congratulations on being your dog’s best friend to help them conquer their fears and be BRAVE!

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