Pupstar Pants

What do you do when your dog comes into season?

It can be a very difficult time for both her and you. We certainly found it a challenge when our dogs came on heat, and desperately sought out some pants that would allow them to stay inside with us whilst keeping the house clean. Unfortunately the pants we tried either fit poorly, seemed uncomfortable to wear, leaked, were impossible to put on, or just didn’t stand the test of time. Some pants were all five! So PUPSTAR PANTS were born.

Havanese wearing pupstar pants


Pupstar Pants have been designed from the ground up to be comfortable for your dog to wear, long-lasting and environmentally friendly, and able to protect your furniture; not to mention easy to put on and devastatingly cute! Designed and Hand Made by Erika the pants have been rigorously ‘lab’ tested by our two beautiful Labradors, Kasi & Luna; as well as testing by some of our fellow dog-lover friends.

Available in a multitude of colours and sizes, we have pants to suit almost any breed. Pupstar Pants are simply the best option for your girl when she is in season.

Bernese Moutain Dog and Cairn Terriers wearing Pupstar Pants

Sizing Chart

For best fit, we highly recommend you use weight as your primary measure; and then follow up with your dogs waist. Due to the large range of body shapes in our canine friends here are a few extra tips:

  • If you're dog has a large booty (ie, a little on the stocky side) OR is near the top of a size range (weight or waist), it is best to go up a size as the elastic will accommodate it.
  • If you have a larger dog with a very small waist (we often see this in Sight Hounds) then please send along both weight and waist measurements... sometimes these body shapes need a little finessing to get right.

How much stretch/tight should they be? Check out our guidance measuring your dog on the Pupstar Pants Instructions Page.

Size Dog Weight Waist Size
XX-SMALL 1.5 – 4 kg / 3lb - 9lb
25 – 40 cm / 10″ – 16″
X-SMALL 4 – 7 kg / 9lb - 15lb
30 – 45 cm / 12″ – 18″
SMALL 7 – 17 kg / 15lb – 37lb 35 – 50 cm / 14″ – 20″
MEDIUM 17 – 27 kg / 37lb – 60lb 40 – 55 cm / 10″ – 22″
LARGE 27 – 37 kg / 60lb – 81lb 50 – 75 cm / 20″ – 30″
X-LARGE 37 – 47 kg / 81lb – 103lb 65 – 80 cm / 26″ – 32″
XX-LARGE 47 – 70 kg / 103lb – 154lb 80 – 100 cm / 32″ – 40″

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not sure if these are right for your special girl, or even if you need them? Why not check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Shipping Options

Currently we are shipping only to Australia. We can ship via standard parcel post or express post, and offer free/subsidised shipping on orders of 2 or more pants. We hope to offer broader availability in the near future.