Risen Collars & Leads

Due to logistical issues, we have reluctantly had to discontinue Risen Collars & Leads. We are hopeful that we can, one day, offer these awesome products again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We just couldn't find collars and leads that we could trust. They needed to be soft and comfortable for our special girls; but also strong and durable for our piece of mind. Nothing out there did it for us... so we made some ourselves!

Risen Collars & Leads are another hand-made product from Pawsome Pooch that combines soft elegant Biothane with hand picked hardware to make a rugged, yet comfortable, product.

There are two options available for hardware:

  • Stainless Steel - Our strongest and most corrosion resistant hardware is recommended for use with dogs who spent a lot of time at the beach; or are almost always wet. We have Labradors... so stainless is our preferred option.
  • Neochrome - Strong plated neochrome hardware is just amazingly beautiful to look at. The amazing technicolour sparkles from the plating is incredible; but like all plated products won't hold up to heavy corrosion pressures (think ocean)... it is still a GREAT option though.

All our collars and leads are lovingly hand-made to order using only metal hardware that, in addition to being devilishly attractive, is nickel-free; ensuring that your favourite friend won't be triggered via this common contact allergy... at least not by these products! ;-)

Why we have chosen Biothane?

Biothane is an incredible man-made product that combines many features that are ideal for dog hardware:

  • Incredible Strength - Our 25mm material (for larger breeds) has a greater than 300kg breaking strain; and the 19mm material (for smaller breeds) have a greater than 200kg breaking strain.
  • Soft and Comfortable - We have specifically chosen the softest, most luxurious material we could find that holds up to the abuse a happy active dog will throw at it.
  • Easy Care - Biothane can be wet, dry or anywhere in-between and will not shrink or stretch. To clean... simply rinse with water or wipe with a damp cloth. Couldn't be easier, just see below. 
  • Stink Free - Let's face it... there's nothing like the 'delicious' aroma of wet dog and when that seeps into the collar/lead it can be pretty nasty. We can't help with the wet dog, but the collar will stay nice and fresh.
  • Vegan Friendly - As a man-made material it is a strong and pliable alternative to leather.

Is Biothane stain resistant?

Absolutely! Biothane will just wash clean after most things your dog can throw at it... even if those things dry on. See our 'mainade in mud' experiment below...

However that doesn't mean it is impervious. Some petrochemicals and solvents will effect the Biothane but frankly, if your dog is rolling in those sorts of compounds, you have MUCH bigger things to worry about than the collar. ;-)


How to Choose a Size

Our collars range in size from X-Small through to XX-Large; and we have size charts on the collar entries below. Leads come in two sizes, 19mm & 25mm, and again there is detail on the lead descriptions.

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