Pupstar Pants FAQ

Can I wash them?

Absolutely! The pants and absorbent pads have been made from a cotton with a bamboo lining. They are designed for years of use and can be machine washed and tumble dried. However we wouldn’t recommend dry cleaning or bleaching the pants… these are just too hard on the fabrics.

Do I need to purchase pads?

Each pair of Pupstar Pants come with two (2) reusable, washable pads. Simply detach a used pad from the pants and toss it into the wash, and use the second pad for your dog.

Some of our customers prefer to use disposable panty liners (available from your local supermarket) and these will work fine. However we prefer to wash the pads to prevent unnecessary single use plastics.

Will Pupstar Pants stay on an active dog?

Yes… and no. Clearly this question will depend a lot on your particular dog but with our two Labradors they definitely stay on. The pants have been designed with low-linting velcro so that hair is unlikely to clog the hooks and make them stronger. In addition, the pants attach on the dogs back (near the base of the tail) which makes them harder for the dog to remove.

Below is a short (~15 sec) video with our two Labs, Kasi & Luna, rough-housing around. In this case it is obvious that their pants aren’t going anywhere.

Will they fit on slim dog breeds (for example, Greyhounds & Whippets)?

Absolutely! The pants waist is gathered with elastic so it should fit snugly on all breeds.

Do you ship internationally?

Regrettably, no! Unfortunately, with the current craziness in the world, international shipping has become too unreliable for a small hand-made business like ours. As things improve we may review this policy, but for right now we are only able to cater to dog owners in Australia.