Pupstar Pants - Instruction Manual

We often get asked about how to measure your dog, and how to use the pants.

Measuring your Dog

Pupstar Pants have an elasticated waist band which means that they are quite forgiving with regards to size. However, for best fit it is best to measure your dogs waist... just around the tummy in front of the legs.

Measuring your Dog

Also remember that if your dog is close to the upper range (weight or waist measurement) and has a big booty... then it is best to go up a size.

Putting them on your Dog

Putting Pupstar Pants on your dog is amazingly simple. Just wrap the waist band around the dogs belly, securing it on their back. This should be a snug fit. Then do up each of the rear flaps.

For those of you who are more visual, here is a short video demonstrating the technique... such that it is. :-)